by Future Primitive

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Recorded with and mixed by Jeremy White in Kernersville, NC.
Mastered by AudioSiege.
Cover art by Terry Johnson


released September 21, 2015

Future Primitive is:

Cameron Phipps: Guitar
Dylan Wood: Drums
Nathan Hanner: Bass
Ben Roberts: Guitar/Vox.

FP14 demo can be found at www.deathtofalsehoperecords.com/downloads/dtfh184.html



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Future Primitive. Greensboro, North Carolina

Greensboro, NC

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Track Name: Footy or Fiction
Shut me up
Mind splits open
You're all the same.

An infestation
of things gone wrong
It's a disease.

Pick and choose
Who says what
That's how you play.

If I see wrong
I call out wrong
Fuck what you'll say.

Censorship is weak as Fuck.
Track Name: Rat Bones
Years spent going nowhere
Suburban rats starving for a kill.

Outcast by our betters
Led to hide, unbeaten in the shade.

A found escape from a fractured world.
A world that hates me.

Drawn in by the savage sound
A revenge beat of rage.

This keeps us grounded
It keeps me young and beastly

I've grown, it's changed
It's means shifted for someone else.

Broken bones and scabbed knees
There's never room here for the weak.

No Mice, Just Rats.
Track Name: Too Much Cargo
Backed in a corner
fighting to break free.
Abandoned by deceit.
No hope.

Broken fist
against concrete
My rage always
gets the best of me.

Pent up, Swept up,
Chewed, and Spit out.
We all have an agenda
but yours seems to win out.

Preying off your sadness
thinking you've the weaker hand.
It's been twisted in your favor
Watch the selfish fucking win.

Will those pictures mean anything
when there's no one left to share the wealth with?

I've always stood behind you
I cannot ask for more.
I'll try to find some comfort.
I won't be at the end of a rope.

It's not about your struggle
it's not about who fucked up
A man's worth is in who he is
It's not built by who he's with.
Track Name: Lunatic Fringe
I can't carry
A flame that's been snuffed.

Relight the torch
and carry it off.

It's up to me
to take a lead against the freaks.
I won't bow to the church of gnarled media.

Pay to keep
the lucrative custom
This malformed patriotism is a fucking joke.

We've been fed, fattened, and taken from.

The Priests of pop culture come for our slaughter.

They'll bestialize what's different
Create enemies to keep you hostage.
They are the opinion leaders.
They have become our gatekeepers

But I refuse to keep living a life in the gray.
Track Name: K.Y.L.L.
Behest, Corrupt.
Your badge doesn't serve them at all.

Child dead
Disgusting to see
More sacrifice to the ruling class

still fly
you fly the flag
of hate and baseborn establishment.

Blue Blood
or White
Your colors spread hate.
Officers in gear serve Klansmen.

Cops Ruin Everything Around Me.
A gun in the hand of the dogmatists
I know where I stand with my privilege
Black Lives Matter
But Cop Lives Don't.

It's all burning.
Bring it down.
They're no answer
We're on our own.